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240p and 31khz
Hello Alphanu,

A while ago, you spoke about 240p with 31khz CRT

Can we achieve this mode with Windows + Retroarch + MME4CRT ?
I've a Trinitron Multiscan 20sfII CRT for testing.
Specials settings needed ? CRTemudriver is needed ?

Thanks a lot !
Yes, its pretty easy to get done.

You will need to install all the resolutions @120hz for ~60hz cores and 110hz for ~54 hz cores (MK, ViperX). This then gives a out a 31khz version of the resolution. ONLY 55hz - 60hz resolutions work this way.

You will need to enable 1.0x max run speed in throttling options. to reduce the game speed to 55 - 60 hz. This can cause some ghosting depending on the game you are ruining though.
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Ok !

If I understand I must use "MME4CRT Dynamic Calc" and insert result in NVIDIA / Panel / Custom Resolution ? Or CRU (by ToastyX) ?

I've tried with NVIDIA Panel but each time I insert custom resolution (for exemple Saturn, 352x288 with 120hz) test failed and I can't valid this resolution) Sad
Great ! I can add custom resolution with CRU.

Alphanu, CRU is limited to 4 slot for custom/detailed resolutions.
Do you have trick to add more ?
Yes, I cant remember were it is exactly. However, in one of the bottom panes the is extended resolutions. i believe it allows for up to an extra 16 resolution.
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