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Linux Multiple Monitor Setup
There is a built in option within MME4CRT that allows you to choose only one monitor for CRT switching and keep you LCD monitor untouched.

Some times this can be hard to get right.

Simple steps are to choose your monitor index from within retroarch settings. Change this from auto to either 1, 2 or 3 depending which output you want to use. That was the easy bit!

To actually get this you work you need to enable extend display and not have mirrored displays. this can be done via the Linux display settings or using an application like Arandr. With Arandr and some display setting managers these settings aren't saved on reboot. In this case use Arandr, make your changes then save the layout. open the layout file and copy the line into either your .xprofile or Openbox autostart file.

Note that when you extend your display you need to do them in the order that the display output appears. Otherwise this will not work properly. type 
xrandr | grep " connected" |  awk '{print$1}'
in terminal to find the order of you displays. remember that MME4CRT does not count disconnected outputs. So, this command only shows connected outputs. If your CRT is connected to VGA and this comes before the output for your LCD you need to ensure that when you extend your displays, you put the CRT on the left. Otherwise make sure its on the right. 

Once this is done. you are good to go.
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