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best build HW
i have some questions

1) whats the best hw build for mme4crt?

2) whats best visual output? dynamic, fixed or native? 

3) what differences about nvidia ati and intel gpu?

4) what about diffrences 15khz crt and 31khz lcd? 

example: is a ryzen 5 2400g integrated GPU compatible with mme4crt full features?

sorry for all questions
Hi frezeen,

There is no real hardware limitation. So, there is no minimum or specific specs needed.

Native gives you a more true picture. However, this can cause a small amount of tearing even on AMD cards. Most of the time you will not notice it unless you are really looking. So, Dynamic is the best, it gives the look and feel of native ad both widths and heights change unlike super resolutions the width is locked. However, it has the added bonus of super resolutions to increase the Pixel clock and remove any judder or tearing. This mode works for mostly all cards.

The main difference between the video cards is how that handle the pixel clocks. ATI cards are known to be less limiting, hence being able to output native 240p resolutions. Obviously, there are many hardware differences as well.
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