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MME4CRT Vs Real Hardware
This is a thread I plan on updating over time so we have a log of how things are progressing. I'll also be adding actual video timings when I get the chance.

The ultimate goal is to get every console looking as close to the real hardware as possible in terms of geometry and this is a pretty tall order at the moment given that the same resolution on two different consoles can have very different video timings leading to quite different looking video output. The issue being that right now, we can't differentiate between cores or systems. This will hopefully change in the future but right now, we have to make compromises.

I don't think we are doing too badly with all that said, but core and Retroarch settings need to be documented (sticky incoming) to get the best from MME4CRT. The "beetle" (Mednafen) cores are a particular problem with their use of static heights and in some cases static widths.

So for now, on with the show!

Real Megadrive via composite (only cable I had to test with at the time):
[Image: KJa9XIx.jpg]

Retroarch with composite on the same TV using my own composite converter which uses the same composite encoder as the Megadrive:
[Image: GHLNLbI.jpg]

I'll update this thread as and when new comparisons are made or the code changes and I have access to the consoles.

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