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Installing 15khz desktop resolution on Linux x11
Hi Alphanu,

the weird thing is, the modes are installed as i can select then when i go into rgui ->video>resolution once the game is started (always in 640x480 which is my desktop resolution), then from there i can select the resolution like 2560x240 and then the game is properly displayed but it does not happen automatically
So far i noticed doh that for some games it does work automatically like aka katana (original game res for that one is 320x240, half of my desktop resolution)
i tried deleting all modes from driver first using vmmaker, then i added the 2560 resolutions you have (about 8 of them)
I was expecting to see only these 8 resolutions including the desktop resolution in retrorach video settings->resolution but to my surprise they were in there 3 times now?
It seems vmmaker makes them double or something?
More games did load now with resswitching working but not in the correct resolution, probably not enough resolutions there , i think 8 for arcade game is too little, i will try again later to remove them all and install only the super resolutions from groovymame, about 18 modelings in that list of supersolutions

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