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Installing 15khz desktop resolution on Linux x11
(02-16-2019, 08:59 PM)alphanu Wrote: Hey @Edomatic welcome to the forum.

I can certainly help you get this resolution installed. However, I have to ask some questions.

Firstly, CRTSwitchRes installs and removes core resolutions on the fly. The installed resolution is only for desktop mode, and does not effect what MME4CRT does while running. So, it does sound weird that things change depending on your desktop resolution.

Could you send me some images/pictures of the issue you are talking about?
->i will send a picture tomorrow

What resolution type are you using in ReatroArch? native, dynamic, 1920, 2560 or 3840!
->i am using native and “use custom refersh” is off

Is CRTSwitchRes turned on?

What have you got your monitor index set to?
->Was on auto i think (will check tomorrow morning !)

Is this limited to specific cores or games?
->Only tested with mame core (0.206) and happens with vertical games on horizontal monitor

I know some of these may sound like stupid questions, I just want to cover all basis.
not a problem i know you want to narrow it down :-)

tomorrow i will make more tests to see if this also occurs in fb alpha core!

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