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MME4CRT not switching back to desktop resolution
I have an issue on windows 7 using retroarch 1.7.6 where when i launch a game and exit from it, the desktop resolution is not restored
Is that a setting i have to enable somewhere?
My desktop is on 640x480 @ 60hz
Also i notice that i have what sound like crackled sound in most games and emulators in tetrarch, using FBalpha latest, game libretto latest and also in genesis fx plus

My machine should be able to handle the audio i believe :

windows 7
core i7 with 8GB ram
HD5450 radeon with emu driver
SSD disk

Mame 0.206 with groovymame is also installed on this same machine and works great (it's a version with portaudio using d3d9ex)

I attached my current retroarch.cfg file
This option should be on by default. It has been working for many people in the past.

has it worked for you in the past?

What build are you using?

I've mot had a windows setup to test for a while. This is just due to it being more accurate than windows.
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