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Installing 15khz desktop resolution on Linux x11
I just tried the windows version but i cant get it to work just yet (i copied mm4crt exe to the retroarch folder , im using the latest stable retroarch 1.7.6)

I already have about 15 modelines (groovymame’s super resolutions installed with vmmaker) installed on my windows from groovymame through vmmaker and with crtemudriver that (groovyymame )works well with so i have not added anything else yet as i assumed that since these work with crt emudriver and groovymame these should also work for mm4crt (?) with retroarch or...should i uninstall crt emudriver ir can it co-exist?

I have set the advanced option on, selected rgui,set crtres to 15hhz and 2560 and ‘create custom refresh rate’ is set to off
Core provided is set
When i launch a game (mame core)  i have a black screen
Also i noticed the screen gets skewed vertcally so small i cannot read the text anymore, this happens when i set to ‘native’ in switchres
Not sure what i am missing here?

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