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RPi Compile error - FreZeeN - 02-26-2019

CC gfx/video_driver.c
CC gfx/video_crt_switch.c
gfx/video_crt_switch.c: In function ‘switch_res_crt’:
gfx/video_crt_switch.c:117:4: error: too many arguments to function ‘crt_rpi_switch’
    crt_rpi_switch(ra_core_width, native_core_width, height, ra_core_hz);
gfx/video_crt_switch.c:33:13: note: declared here
 static void crt_rpi_switch(int width, int height, float hz);
Makefile:199: recipe for target 'obj-unix/release/gfx/video_crt_switch.o' failed
make: *** [obj-unix/release/gfx/video_crt_switch.o] Error 1

RE: RPi Compile error - alphanu - 02-27-2019

I will have a look into this tomorrow.

Not sure whyvtgis issue has started but it will be resolved soon


RE: RPi Compile error - alphanu - 02-28-2019

This should new be resolved.

RE: RPi Compile error - FreZeeN - 03-01-2019

work now, thanks